We are the go to marijuana CPA for any Grower or Cultivator. We know the accounting for your operations. Our goal is to ensure that your business maximizes its profits, is compliant, and legally maximizes its deductions.


As a cannabis CPA practice, we cater to your space. Dispensaries are severely limited by 280E, and we can really help make an impact here with your business. We will perform a preliminary 280E analysis of your books and compose strategies and procedures to help you maximize your profits and deductions.


Edibles? Oils? As a cannabis CPA practice, we cater to this space. This vertical requires a top-notch weed CPA like The Canna CPAs to help them efficiently navigate their tax and accounting to ensure the maximization of profits and deductions.


We can help your hemp business maximize its profits. The “Farm Bill” has changed the whole industry—however, it has become more competitive, and we can help you navigate your growth and tax strategies.