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Why is Federal Bankruptcy Not Allowed for Cannabis Businesses

The cannabis industry faces unique challenges when it comes to financial management, including the inability to discharge debt through federal bankruptcy due to marijuana’s federal illegality. This issue is a significant concern for cannabis businesses, as it can make it much more challenging to manage debt and financial obligations effectively.…
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The Benefits of Having an Expert Cannabis CFO and Cannabis CPA Firm

Operating a business within the cannabis industry is no easy feat. It requires expertise, experience, and an understanding of the laws and regulations in order to be successful. That’s why having an expert cannabis CFO firm can be so beneficial for cannabis dispensaries, manufacturers, and growers. With fractional part-time services,…
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Mergers and Acquisitions are the New Normal in the Cannabis Industry

The legalized cannabis industry is seeing a new wave of mergers and acquisitions, with companies like MSO’s and publicly traded takeovers from Canada leading the charge. When this happens, you need to have an experienced exit strategist on your side to make sure that your business interests are protected.   …
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How a Financial Plan Can Help Cannabis Businesses Reach Their Goals

A financial plan is a document that outlines an organization’s financial and operational goals. It also defines key performance indicators (KPIs) and assigns responsibility for achieving them. A well-crafted financial plan can help cannabis businesses reach their desired targets. Let’s take a closer look at how this works.    What…
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No Marijuana Sign


New York’s plan to double the number of recreational marijuana retail licenses to 300 for social equity applicants was met with enthusiasm from local cannabis operators and industry advocates. However, there are mounting concerns over the challenge of finding affordable cannabis real estate across the state due to zoning and…
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States Taxing Cannabis

Cannabis State Tax Deductions

For cannabis businesses, navigating taxes can be a difficult challenge. There is a federal tax code that governs how cannabis-touching entities are taxed, known as Internal Revenue Code 280E. However, certain states have gone beyond this and allow deductions that are disallowed at the federal level. Read on to find…
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Form 1099 Crypto tax

Cryptocurrency Information Reporting Under Form 1099

Pursuant to the Infrastructure and Jobs act signed by President Biden on November 15, 2021, the term broker has been expanded to include all platforms or businesses that facilitate the trading of digital assets. This means the IRS considers it a broker if you can trade cryptocurrency or other digital…
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new jersey cannabis cpa

New Jersey and Cannabis Consumption Lounges

  The cannabis industry on the East Coast is experiencing a significant surge, and New Jersey is set to be a major player. Experts predict that the state’s cannabis market will hit $2 billion in sales by 2027. The addition of licensed consumption lounges is expected to be a game-changer…
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Cryptocurrency Information Reporting on Form 8300

The exponential growth and rising cryptocurrencies have placed a demand on different countries to impose regulations that will protect the economy, customers, and businesses.  One such regulation is the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act or the Investment Bill, which President Biden signed into law on November 15, 2021. The Investment…
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