Cannabis Accounting Firm in the USA

As a cannabis CPA firm, we are the premier CPA practice that caters to marijuana and cannabis businesses and their unique industry nationwide – including Oklahoma, California, Massachusetts, Nevada, Colorado, Oregon, Washington, New York, New Jersey, Maine, Missouri, Alaska, Maryland, Arizona, Montana, New Mexico, Mississippi, Michigan, Illinois, Virginia, Washington D.C., Connecticut, and Rhode Island.

Under IRC § 280E, Cannabis touching businesses are not allowed any deductions or credits for amounts incurred or paid because cannabis (marijuana) is classified as a controlled substance on Schedule 1. This is where The Canna CPAs, a knowledgeable and skilled CPA marijuana practice, comes in to assist you! 

Our Mission

We Help Cannabis Businesses Become More Profitable! We accomplish this through a myriad of ways. One way is through our outsourced CFO services which incorporates target and forecast setting along with monthly meetings to set objectives and corrective processes. Our cannabis CFO services enable our clients to reach their financial goals and targeted numbers. Additionally, our expert tax strategies for § 280E save our clients tens of thousands of dollars!

Cannabis industry facts

$ 1 billion
by the end of 2026
17000 million
consumers by 2030.
1 + million
U.S. cannabis sales in 2022

Cannabis Gross Sales are material in the cannabis industry, but at the end of the day, how much profit and cash are you able to generate? Contact Us for a free consultation to learn how to keep more of what you earn. Learn how The Canna CPAs can save you taxes and help you increase your profit margins and cash flow.

Our Services
CFO & Advisory
Accounting & Bookkeeping
Tax Planning & Preparation
IRS Cannabis Audits & State Cannabis Audits
Exit Planning Strategies
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