Cannabis Dispensary Audits: Preparation and the Role of The Canna CPA

preparing for an audit as a dispensary

How to Prepare for a Cannabis Audit

Running a cannabis dispensary comes with its unique challenges, and one concern that often looms over dispensary owners is the possibility of facing audits. Regulatory bodies closely scrutinize cannabis businesses to ensure compliance with ever-evolving laws. This article explores the likelihood of cannabis dispensary audits, the importance of preparation, and why enlisting the services of a specialized cannabis accountant, such as The Canna CPA’s, can be a strategic decision.

The Landscape of Cannabis Dispensary Audits:

  1. Increased Regulatory Scrutiny: As the cannabis industry matures, regulatory agencies are tightening their oversight. Dispensaries must comply with an intricate web of local and state regulations, covering everything from licensing to taxation and product testing.
  2. Complex Taxation Issues: Cannabis dispensaries face unique tax challenges due to the federal illegality of marijuana. Navigating through IRC Section 280E and state tax codes requires a nuanced understanding of the industry, making these businesses susceptible to audits.
  3. Operational Compliance: Auditors may scrutinize various aspects of dispensary operations, including inventory management, security protocols, advertising practices, and compliance with state-mandated tracking systems.

Being Prepared for Audits:

  1. Documented Processes and Procedures: Establishing and maintaining well-documented standard operating procedures (SOPs) is crucial. This includes detailed records of transactions, employee training manuals, and compliance documentation.
  2. Robust Record-Keeping: Dispensaries must maintain accurate and comprehensive records, covering everything from sales transactions and inventory movements to employee certifications. Effective record-keeping is a proactive measure against potential audits.
  3. Regular Compliance Audits: Conducting internal compliance audits helps identify and rectify potential issues before an external audit occurs. This includes reviewing financial records, security measures, and adherence to state and local regulations.
  4. Engaging Cannabis-Specific Accountants: Seeking the services of accountants specializing in the cannabis industry, such as The Canna CPA’s, provides dispensaries with expertise tailored to the unique challenges of the cannabis business. These professionals understand the intricacies of cannabis taxation, compliance, and financial management.

The Role of The Canna CPA:

  1. Specialized Cannabis Knowledge: The Canna CPA’s bring industry-specific knowledge to the table. They understand the complexities of cannabis taxation, including navigating Section 280E, which disallows many standard business deductions for cannabis businesses.
  2. Tax Planning and Strategy: Cannabis accountants can assist dispensaries in developing effective tax planning strategies, optimizing financial structures, and ensuring compliance with both federal and state tax laws.
  3. Audit Preparedness: The Canna CPA’s can help dispensaries proactively prepare for audits by implementing robust accounting systems, conducting internal compliance reviews, and ensuring all financial and operational documentation is in order.
  4. Legal Compliance Expertise: Staying abreast of evolving cannabis laws is a challenge. Cannabis accountants are well-versed in the latest regulations, ensuring dispensaries remain compliant and are prepared for any changes that may impact their operations.


The likelihood of a cannabis dispensary facing audits is significant, given the unique regulatory landscape and federal restrictions. Being prepared with thorough documentation, robust processes, and engaging specialized professionals like The Canna CPA can mitigate risks, ensuring that dispensaries navigate audits successfully and maintain compliance in this dynamic industry.


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