The Canna CPAs receive the highest accolades as the top-notch marijuana and cannabis accounting firm.

Cannabis CPA

We are thrilled to announce that, a comprehensive directory for cannabis products and suppliers, has recognized our firm as the top Marijuana & Cannabis Accounting Firm. This accolade is a testament to our team’s hard work and dedication, and we are incredibly proud to be recognized in this way.

At The Canna CPAs, we understand that the success of our clients is of the utmost importance. That is why we take a proactive approach to our work by consistently investing in learning and staying up-to-date with the latest financial and tax regulations. Our dedication to exceptional customer service and technical expertise sets us apart from others in the industry.

We understand the unique challenges that businesses in the cannabis industry face, particularly with regard to tax compliance under IRC 280E. Our CPA services are tailored to address these specific needs and help our clients save significant sums of money each year. Additionally, our services provide protection for our clients in the event of a tax audit. We are dedicated to offering the highest level of service and expertise to our clients, and we are constantly looking up for ways to improve and help them achieve their financial goals. We strive to go above & beyond the status quo to ensure the success of our clients.

At The Canna CPAs, we see ourselves as the financial navigators for our clients. As part-time CFO, we work hand in hand with business owners to chart a course toward financial success. We take the time to fully understand the unique needs and goals of each of our clients and then use our expertise in financial forecasting, budgeting, and modeling to chart a path forward. We’re always on the lookout for new revenue opportunities and ways to help our clients stay ahead of the curve. Think of us as your personal financial compass, guiding you toward a brighter financial future.

All of our hard work pays off. We are proud to get this recognition from, and we will continue to strive to provide the best-needed service to our clients. Thank you to all of our clients for entrusting us with your financial needs and to for this prestigious recognition.

So, If you need assistance in accounting and financial management for your cannabis business, you can contact us. We are here to provide the best services and help your business succeed. Give us a call at (833-272-2262) or email us at to learn more. Don’t wait – reach out today!


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