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New Jersey and Cannabis Consumption Lounges

  The cannabis industry on the East Coast is experiencing a significant surge, and New Jersey is set to be a major player. Experts predict that the state’s cannabis market will hit $2 billion in sales by 2027. The addition of licensed consumption lounges is expected to be a game-changer…
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Section 280E Why It's Important to Cannabis Investors

Section 280E: Why It’s Important to Cannabis Investors

If you’re a cannabis investor or cannabis CEO, you need to be aware of Internal Revenue Code Section 280E. Section 280E disallows any business that “traffics in controlled substances” from taking regular tax deductions or credits. The legislation makes it more difficult for drug “traffickers” to operate profitably. While it…
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Who Needs to File Form 8300?

As we are all probably aware, it is very difficult for cannabis businesses to obtain bank accounts.  Consequently, these businesses are forced to operate with large amounts of cash.  Accordingly, it is of paramount importance that cannabis business owners and its staff are cognizant of Form 8300. The general rule…
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Cannabis Bookkeeping & Accounting Strategies

With cannabis legalization spreading like wildfire throughout the country, the marijuana industry is fast on its way to prosperity. The cannabis business landscape is becoming increasingly competitive and cannabis firms that do not adapt their financial strategies accordingly find themselves facing complex financial troubles. Not staying up-to-date with federal regulations…
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Why Cannabis Business Needs Public Accountants?

Wanna know why cannabis business needs public accountants? SandySandy Suchoff, CPA is the Founder and principal of Lefstein-Suchoff, CPA & Associates, LLC D/B/A The Canna CPAs. Suchoff has been featured and interviewed on MSNBC, FOX News, and Tune In Business Talk Radio as a tax advisor, as well as ONR…
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What to Look for When Choosing Your Cannabis Accountant

With an average of $10 billion made in 2018 and an expected increase to $20 billion in the next coming years, the cannabis business is thriving and prospering. The market for cannabis is growing rapidly and more and more avenues are opening up to streamline its supply. With so much money…
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The Canna CPAS: How Can We Help You?

Are you looking for the canna CPAS help? We have some different ways to help you out from the cannabis: We are here to help you out. We can help you lower your taxes for cannabis entities. We offer GAAP cost accounting services to cannabis business that can help you…
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How Cannabis Businesses Can Be Taxing: IRC 280E

Although a marijuana business is illegal under federal law, it remains obligated to pay federal income tax on its taxable income because the law does not differentiate between income derived from legal sources and income derived from illegal sources. Everyone in the space knows at least a little about the…
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